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134LR Needles (Leather Point): 134 LR Industrial Leatherpoint Needles (10)

134 LR Industrial Leatherpoint Needles (10)

134 LR Needles  Leather Point (pack 10)

For many straight stitch industrial machines including SL-1110


Available in various sizes (please select)

LR - Leather Point:

Cuts the leather to the right at a 45deg angle in the direction of sewing.

Slight to medium slanted stitch formation, depending on the leather.

The sewn thread is slightly elevated.Stitch holes are easily visible.

Suitable for short to meduim stitches.

Application field:

For the production of decorative seams on soft to meduim/hard leather.

Can be used on almost every type of leather.


Shoes, bags, leather garments, trekking shoes and suitcases.